Google wants more content from experts : 10 content ideas to win it all

Google is suggesting to write content for Humans and not for  bots. In an article published recently on their official blog:  more content by people for people  in search Google, Danny Sullivan, their public liaison for search stated this

Next week, we’ll launch the “helpful content update” to tackle content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines rather than to help or inform people. This ranking update will help make sure that unoriginal, low quality content doesn’t rank highly in Search, and our testing has found it will especially improve results related to online education, as well as arts and entertainment, shopping and tech-related content.

Relevant content will win

Content written by experts always win. We can just give a look to NYT or Wired or ESPN websites to assess the success of their content. In general it is unique (because of the details, facts and information inside), authoritative because of the strong criteria and editorial guidelines; and sometimes collaborative (they have interview of experts)

Read more on what is an expert on HBR.

Relevancy here means content that answers searchers interests and needs in the best way possible.  It has to be mention that content comes in various format (text, images, video, maps, audio, etc). We donèt know at this stage if Google is going to increase the weight of experts content on all these formats but minimaly we can assume that they will look at the people behind each publication.

Since 2018 google associated high quality to the expertise. It is then logic for them to solve the relevancy by increasing the weight of EAT


Google's E-A-T and Y.M.Y.L


We work hard to make sure the pages we show on Search are as helpful and relevant as possible. To do this, we constantly refine our systems: Last year, we launched thousands of updates to Search based on hundreds of thousands of quality tests, including evaluations where we gather feedback from human reviewers.

It is clear that Google valued unique and relevant content. To achievd their goals their tur to surveys, analysis and feedback gathering.

What does this means for writers : Collaborate with experts.

Many content experts and writers were frustrated in the past because their content were not winning in search. Actually, SEO is clearly different from pure content production because Google uses different criteria to rank results pages. Content or the keywords within the content are part fo those criteria among backlinks, site speed, etc. But few years ago, Google launched new algorithm claiming to have a better understanding of the searcher’s query. Writers and experts are clearly benefitting from BERT if they are able to

    1. Collaborate with experts
    2. Adopt a testing philosophy to validate if the content produced fits users needs. No shortcut.

8 types of content you can create to benefit from this Google’s update

 There are plenty of opportunities to capture if you write relevant and diverse content. 

To help start rethinking your content strategy, here are few content ideas that will get you started

Remember 90% of people stays on the first page of Google. But the results pages on google is so diverse. and it now features more than 10 blue links.


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  • Case study
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  • Guide
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  • Knowledge sharing
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